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Sushi Exception vs Reality

Sushi is a beloved Japanese dish that has gained worldwide popularity in recent years. Many people have a certain image in their mind when they think of sushi – perhaps they imagine delicate slices of raw fish nestled atop perfectly formed rice balls, or perhaps they picture colorful rolls filled with all sorts of creative ingredients. While these types of sushi do exist, there is much more to this diverse and varied cuisine than meets the eye.
One common exception that many people have about sushi is that it is always raw fish. While raw fish (sashimi) is certainly a key component of many sushi dishes, it is by no means the only option. In fact, there are many types of sushi that do not contain raw fish at all. For example, vegetarian sushi options like inari (sweet tofu pockets filled with sushi rice) and kappa maki (cucumber rolls) are both popular choices that do not contain any raw fish.
Another exception that people often have about sushi is that it is always expensive. While it is true that high-end sushi restaurants can be on the pricier side, there are also many affordable options available. For example, many sushi restaurants offer lunchtime bento boxes or combo platters that offer a variety of sushi rolls and other dishes at a more reasonable price point. In addition, sushi can also be found at supermarkets and convenience stores, where it is often sold at a much lower price than at restaurants.
Finally, some people might think that sushi is only available at fancy restaurants, but this is not the case either. In Japan, it is common to find sushi at train stations, street food stalls, and other more casual locations. In addition, many casual sushi restaurants and takeout joints can be found in cities around the world, offering a more laid-back and affordable option for enjoying this delicious cuisine.
In short, sushi is a diverse and varied cuisine that is much more than just raw fish and expensive restaurants. Whether you prefer traditional nigiri (slices of raw fish on top of rice balls) or creative rolls filled with all sorts of unexpected ingredients, there is a sushi option out there for everyone. So next time you think about sushi, don’t let exceptions hold you back – give it a try and discover the delicious world of this versatile and tasty dish.